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JURY, MENTOS & ORGA CREW: these people will support you during the Startup Weekend Bremen.
Check 'em out:

SPEAKER: Hendrik Thamer
Meet Hendrik on Linkedin
Conveyor belts! Built for eternity?
When production requirements change, the most economical option is usually: tear down, build new.

To develop a better option, Hendrik Thamer founded CELLUMATION with two colleagues in Bremen in 2017.
Today, a team of over 60 people work at CELLUMATION to disrupt the intralogistics industry with their multifunctional and highly modular conveyor technology. Their mission: to change conveyor logistics the way robots once changed production.

At the beginning of Startup Weekend Bremen, Hendrik is happy to share his startup story and what it takes to develop an idea into a company.

JURY: Andrea Herzig-Erler
Managing Director at the Jacobs University Bremen
Meet Andrea on LinkedIn

Andrea Herzig-Erler works as a Managing Director at the Jacobs University Bremen. Andrea is passionate to foster the startup spirit among staff & students at the JUB - e-g. through the J-CUB student startup program, the Jacobs Startup Competition or the JacobsHack - because she is deeply rooted in entrepreneurial thinking by her background: after working in several jobs in large companies, Andrea has founded Ruby Helps - a personal assistant and task management service - and has worked as a freelance coach helping startups e.g. with developing their business models and writing their business plans.
Plus, Andrea has led the startup supporter working group of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Bremen and has supported bremen-startups.de and the past Startup Weekend Bremen events by offering free Business Model Canvas workshops.

Thus, as a Judge of Startup Weekend Bremen, Andrea brings in a lot of experience to check the strengths & weaknesses of business models, plus a large network in the #StartupStateBremen & beyond.

JURY: Nils T. Kohle
Founder of OWNR Technologies Inc., Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Investor, Consultant & Advisor.
Meet Nils on LinkedIn

In 2001, Nils T. Kohle founded the digital agency Interwall in Bremen. Since then, his work has been peppered with founding startups and investments in startups.

His most recent startup is OWNR Technologies Inc.
OWNR is a leasing platform for residential real estate: people can have their dream property purchased through OWNR, furnish and live in it individually via a long-term lease, and decide during this time whether they want to buy the property.

Through his roots & investments, Nils is firmly connected to Bremen & is looking forward to asking questions & giving feedback to the startups in the JURY to help them with their next steps.

JURY: Roman Will
Head of Business Development Digitization at Melchers Group
Meet Roman on LinkedIn

Bremen-based Melchers Group is a global player with more than 1.200 employees that provides individal services and infrastructures for the development of markets and businesses wordwide. At Melchers Group, Roman drives digitization and business development, including scouting and investing in startups where he can leverage the know-how & network of the Melchers Group, e.g. in e-commerce startups and startups with a fit in the branches machinery & industrial supplies, raw & natural resources, comsumer products, luxury goods, real estate and consumer electronics. One of Melchers reknowned startup investments is Bremen-based re-commerce startup mySWOOOP, which was selected among the 25 fastest growing startups in Germany in 2017.

Before joining the Melchers Group, Roman was „Expert M&A” for TUI Group, and founder & CEO of Papa Türk, known from the TV investor show "Die Höhle der Löwen" as well as from many retail stores in Germany.

As a Judge of Startup Weekend Bremen, Roman is happy to help aspiring entrepreneurs to grow with his experience from both - the startup and the corporate world.

MENTOR: Norman Breitling
Co-Founder & CMO @ FARMCYCLE GmbH und JURAFOX.de, Founder of Brandfisher Werbeagentur, Co-Founder of Lu&Su Icecream Rolls, Ex Wirtschaftsjunior, Board Member @ KLUB DIALOG.and involved in various other companies
Meet Norman on LinkedIn

As a serial founder, former member of the Wirtschaftsjunioren Bremen, and proud supporter of bremen-startups.de, Norman is involved in many social projects and support activities for local startups.

As a coach and mentor, Norman gives lectures on various marketing topics, advises companies in Germany on strategy, positioning and online marketing, and is well connected in the region.

In Norman you have a young and experienced mentor at Startup Weekend, who can think creatively around the corner and is on fire to discuss new ideas!!


MENTOR: Dino Zirwes
Investment Manager & Startup Consultant at Sparkasse Bremen AG
Meet Dino on LinkedIn

Dino Zirwes works as Investment manager / authorized signatory (www.nwk-nwu.de) and start-up consultant at Sparkasse Bremen AG. He brings over a decade of experience in private equity and start-up business as a corporate client advisor at Sparkasse Bremen to the coaching. With his experience, Dino supports the Bremen start-up scene, coaches pre-seeded startups at various start-up weekends, is co-organizer of the Macher Messe and always has a free date in the calendar for Bremen startups.

COO HelioHeat | tackling the immense power of the sun
Meet Wu on LinkedIn

MENTOR: Daniel Kraft
Founder of MOINLAND, Serial Entrepreneur
Meet Daniel on Linkedin
Daniel is the founder of Moinland (www.Moinland.com) a community business providing coaching to startup CEOs.
He has been the founder and CEO of five startups. His track record includes an IPO, pivots, spin-offs and several M&A exits.
He has been living and working on three continents. Currently he and his family lives in 100+ years old house in Oldenburg.

MENTOR: Alexander Witte
Managing Partner at EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Consultants
Meet Alexander on LinkedIn
Alexander is the Managing Partner of EARLY BRANDS Innovation & Technology Consultants. He has a proven track record of building brands and innovation ventures since more than 20 years.

Together with his EARLY BRANDS team he incubates and grows innovations in co-creation with users, tech companies and start-ups. Alexander is a trusted partner of leading corporations, SMEs and family offices. Projects include for example peer-to-peer market places, digital finance and insurance services, real estate SaaS ventures and digital sales.

Being passionate about people, he also does voluntary work to support young academics of Jacobs University, University of Bremen and Hochschule Bremen. He is a board member of the charitable foundation Wolfgang-Ritter-Stiftung Bremen.


MENTOR: Kostja Hausdörffer
Startup Consultant at Starthaus Bremen
Meet Kostja on LinkedIn

Quo vadis, founder? Are you experiencing heavy seas along your founding process?
Thanks to Starthaus - the start-up service offered by the #StartupStateBremen - founders have a free OneStop contact point.

Kostja works for the Starthaus Bremen as a startup consultant and has expertise in building business models and in the field of Business Development. He can also provide a network into small and medium-sized companies in Bremen as well as to the municipality of Bremen.
He is driven by curiosity, likes to explore new ideas and to talk about traveling around the globe.


MENTOR: Ann-Cathrin Scheider
Innovation & Team Coach at the student startup Bachelor study program of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences
Meet Ann-Cathrin on LinkedIn

Ann-Cathrin loves working with teams and creating new ideas. She facilitates and coaches at Germany's first & only complete Bachelor startup study program: GRÜNDUNG INNOVATION FÜHRUNG. In this program, students have three years of time to build a real company in a team as the core of a complete study program. The Clou is: it is all about learning by doing! No lectures & exams, but doing & reflecting together.

But her startup spirit is not limited to her job! Ann-Cathrin strives to push the Startup Community in Bremerhaven and has been in the organizing team of Startup Weekend Bremerhaven in 2015, 2017 & 2021.

Thus, in Ann-Cathrin you have an experienced #teampreneur coach who is equipped with the whole toolbox of #EntrepreneurshipEducation, e.g. Ideation & Creativity methods, LeanStartup, Validation, SCRUM asf. who loves to make people & ideas spark.

MENTOR: Dr. Kathrin GollwitzerOh
Startup Coordination and Head of Staff Office for Research Funding and Promotion of Young Researchers at University of Arts Bremen ("HfK")
Meet Kathrin on LinkedIn

ORGA CREW & MENTOR: Katrin Oellerich
Meet Katrin on LinkedIn
Dr. Katrin Oellerich works as a Startup Consultant at Hochschule Bremen and is a freelance trainer, coach and lecturer e.g. in the field of startups and entrepreneurship.

Katrin took part in the Startup Weekend Bremen 2017 and since then she is active in the bremen-startups.de Orga Crew herself - so she has a lot of backround knowledge and experience with people in these settings.

Katrin is an internal coach at Startup Weekend: she always has an open ear for team conflicts, questions about pitching or anything else!


ORGA CREW & MENTOR: Rebekka Tegtmeier
Meet Rebekka on LinkedIn
Rebekka is the Co-Founder of equihub. With the startup she is working on a faster diffusion of technologies and support founders so that more starting teams will become successful independent from the location. The team has started its journey on several startup weekends. She first was participating herself and joined the organizing team afterwards. Now she is going to facilitate the event and supports you along the way with coaching and networking.

ORGA CREW & MENTOR: Jonas Fromme
Meet Jonas on LinkedIn
Ideation & Pre-Seed Startup Coach, Co-Founder of equihub
Jonas is committed to lower entry bareers for starting entrepreneurs in the local innovation ecosystem of Bremen since 2016. Today he coaches in lean startup operations, investor pitch and business model design. He regularly organizes free 1:1 sessions for starting solopreneurs, teams and pre-seed startups in kraftwerk city accelerator bremen and facilitates the Open Innovation Cycle with Starthaus Bremen as a lean validation journey to prepare your idea for an incubator.

At Startup Weekend Bremen, Jonas is happy to help with e.g. any questions regarding the startup weekend itself, a short explanation of any canvas/pitch template, tips on government structure in public services or information on available channels in the local startup ecosystem for customer validation.


Meet Céline on LinkedIn

Céline is committed to building good and social enterprises. By that she means enterprises and start-ups that dare to question their values and the overall aim of their business. Another passion of hers is sustainability and her path to creativity. She herself has participated in the Start-up Weekend twice – loves to pitch, win podium positions and create deep connections with others.

She will be happy to help you on any matters related to the mission of your enterprise and on good teamwork. Moreover, she is familiar with the tools that will help you validate your business model.

Céline works as a freelance business consultant for creativity, new work and sustainability, and is Co-Founder of Simply Impact, a career coaching agency that helps simplify the implementation of purpose and sustainable practices in the workplace.


Meet Jesse on LinkedIn

Jesse studied Media Informatics at the University of Bremen and loves everything that has to do with coding, design, digitization, innovation & startups.

Participating at Startup Weekend Bremen 2017 has set him on fire and since then he participated in a dozen other Startup Weekends and Hackathons.

Since early 2018, he has been part of the bremen-startups.de volunteer crew,


ORGA CREW & MENTOR: Christopher Ahlers
Meet Christopher on LinkedIn
Co-Founder & Product Owner at Homevoice [ORGA CREW COACH]
Digitizing Real Estate Management! The Bremen-based Startup Homevoice offers a smart tool that helps property managers automating their processes.
As a business engineer, Christopher is responsible for process planning and control at Homevoice, and oversees its business processes.


Meet Lisa on LinkedIn
Hello everyone, I'm Lisa. I'm happy to do some remote yoga sessions with you during the Startup Weekend Bremen:
Here's your chance to experience yoga as moving meditation combined with wellness exercises. From "wake up" and "hello Fresh" in the morning to "Calm down" and fantasy journey in the evening I invite you again and again to come to rest, to focus on your body and to refuel energy with gentle movements, whose intensity you learn to determine for yourself at any time. Yoga is luxury for the body and luxury always feels good. I am looking forward to meeting you.


Meet Jan on LinkedIn

Jan founded & failed solvertec (2013-2015), a startup to automate the debugging of digital chip designs.

He initiated bremen-startups.de in Oct 2015 as a grass root driven approach to connect the startup community in Bremen & beyond.
#Bremen #Startups #FromFoundersForFounders

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